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Re: At the TF3D tab, can I flip through e-mail preview like you can in pics?

Humm, I have been trying that and trying that but I don't seem to be able to get it to work, is this a completely by default thing or is there any setting to allow this or not?

Note, I have made some tweaks to make the touch screen touch a little less sensitive as I was constantly activate things by accident, but just to note, I don't have any issues with the pics or favorites screens that I mentioned. Nor any issues getting anything to scroll or get activated any where else on the device.

As well just to mention I have done the Align Screen thing and again, in all other points, that is working just fine.

Also one other thing, does it matter if I have created my own account, in other words, I'm not using the default "Outlook E-mail" account that is available in the accounts menu but one I set up directly to my websites e-mail server address?

This seems to be a perfectly available typical option so it would seem odd that this feature would be left out just because I did this but I just thought I would ask.

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