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Disable WM 6.5 lock slider?

Background: I'm forced to use a PIN via our exchange mail service, which i don't mind, but the WM 6.5 slide to unlock screen is so uninformative and i think it's pretty lame that you can't tell it what to show on there....

anyway, i prefer S2U2, but the one thing i HATE is that i have to slide to unlock for S2U2 and once again for Windows. Even though Windows doesn't lock until 1 hr., it's still quite annoying. I found a cab that enables the option to uncheck the PIN, then i can set S2U2 to have a PIN, but I do like to be able to hit the windows lock icon and immediately have it PIN locked.

So my questions are:
1. Is there a way to just disable the WM6.5 lock screen slider, but still have the PIN prompt?


2. Is there a way to invoke the S2U2 PIN lock screen via an icon? (I'm going to post this one on the xda forum thread for s2u2 as well)

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