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Same problem here.

Originally Posted by GrahamHill View Post
I also have it checked to vibrate too and it doesn't vibrate either.
I get the same problem also but haven't been able to pin point whats causing it. somewhere on another thread I heard someone mention google maps 2.0 so I uninstalled it still waiting to see if the problems persists. I have the HTC 5 tab plug in and thought that maybe that was the trouble due to them having to fix the notification issues but I was still getting no notifications after I uninstalled that as well. I've also tried deleting the threaded SMS but that didn't help.

I hope someone can pin point the trouble.

One thing that i've noticed is that once I get this issue if I go to the notification menu and in the drop down menu go to SMS and I hit the play button to play the sound it won't play. I have to hit the play button numerous times and then I'll hear the notification and its back to normal.

Weird thing is that while I won't get notified for incoming texts I'll receive phone call normally.
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