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Re: [Released][ROM]Rafyvitto_Acer_s200_LEO_BlacK_NeO_v.1.0 based on new CHN oem drive

Bugs in both roms:

1. Going into manila settings tab/other/CSD type will most probably hang the device

2.Going into manila settings tab/other/Gravity sensors will make the device stay on that screen restart will only take it out of there.(try pressing volume up)

3.Going into manila settings tab/Power Options will most probably hang the device.

4.Footprints still dosnt work

5. Music and pictures and albums tab still cant rotate to there respective landscape modes, not untill rostrain releases hes new gspot =D

6.Sometimes the device might not wake up from stand by, i still havent been able to fix this =[, tryed many different power modules but nothing.


1.Album is almost 100% fully working, still cant view facebook albums

2.Photo picker works meaning you can choose any animated wallpaper you like or Still wall paper that you might like.