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Re: 12/22/09 WM 6.5.3 SYS 28014 (M2d with Footprints)!!!

Originally Posted by b727pilot View Post
Hey can someone point me to the place to learn how to flash this rom using the SD Card? I have my vogue unlocked but don't now how to flash using the SD card.


Sorry guys but I realy want to try this ROM. Could someone please point me in the right direction so I can figure out how to flash 28014 from the SD card. Plz Plz ....Thx

On another note:

I currently have 23506 running and I am having an issue with the flip clock in TouchFlo. When I first turn the phone on (out of standby) the time is always an hour back then it flips to the current time. It is like it is in Central time then flips to the correct time, Eastern. I also had this problem on another 6.5 ROM but was unable to get it fixed. When I use Titanium the clock is always correct...hummmm???? Any suggestions out there?

Thanks for the help!!!!