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Re: programs running constantly?

Originally Posted by gootgolly View Post
So does being a droidite mean even accepting not being able to sever the data connection short of turning off the phone?

I hope not
Is this a question on how to turn off the data connection entirely and still be able to make phone calls?

I didn't pick up the general question when it comes out as an accusation (as banden said so nicely). I don't have the answer but you've already said you will never, ever use this device because it connects to Google.

I don't think we've heard from another member that shares your feelings so we might not have the answer for you. Banden was correct that there is a huge Droid forum over at Motorola where MANY more people participate, some more knowledgable than others, where your technical question may be answered if not answered here. Several Moto engineers participate there and chime in when needed.

I hate to say but Banden was spot on about your posts seem to be written to invite controversy and a battle rather than seeking help or an answer from fellow "droidites". If you are so dead set agianst the device and the whole idea of it talking to Google, why bother? This might NOT be the droid you are looking for.
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