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Re: "Sprint now has the most compelling lineup of smartphones..."

I left sprint. ( even though i saved money and had sero yada yada yada..) I grew tired of all the call ins to fix stuff on my bill..( mostly from insurance claims..) twice they charged me 200 for saying i didnt return the faulty device..when in both cases i mailed them both back the very next day of getting my replacement.. I mean i got the credits back after 20 million calls back and forth.. etc.. I have been with sprint since 98 i believe...been through alot of calls to fix things..etc.. but alas i needed a change.. so i left sprint and went to t-mobile.. and so far i like t-mobile.. i called in twice so far for help. and they resolved everything within that one call.. and they were very nice... anyway rant over..

Sprint does have one problem.. high phone prices.. most people would rather pay next to nothing or around 100 bucks for a nice new smartphone.. etc.. not 350 after the tp2.....hell i got me and my wife a tp2 free and free activation,, and a free bluetooth. with tmobile.. through that now thats a steal.. hell even 199 with verizon is a decent price.. with sprint u make the money back through monthly plans.. but most people dont think like that.. they want that instant free phone or small upfront cost.. 99 like the iphone.. if sprint got the iphone it would be 200 after a 100 mail in i hate mail in rebates...just like gift card ruined xmas.. mail in rebates ruin pretty much everything electronic..

my point sprint has a decent lineup... but its a far cry from what verizon offers.. and they overpriced for that up front cost compared to everyone else.. sprint needs to think outside the box.. and attack everyone with their strengths and prices.. and show the future customers that they have the balls to do it.. again verizon has that going for them right now in how they are attacking att with the 3g coverage etc.. and its working.. and sprint just sits back with the boring sam ol same ol ads.. they should bring back that guy who did the pin drops etc.. bah im all over the place.. but im sure somewhere in my rant is a valid
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