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@6sto - The original poster seems to be aware of how to edit the "\windows\start menu\programs\games\" directory.
He appears to be asking about how to get this directory link to show up in the HTC Start Menu rather than the original
Windows Mobile Start Menu.

1. Do what 6sto said. Basically, organize your Games links into the "\windows\start menu\programs\games\" directory.
2. Browse to "HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila\ProgramLauncher\" in your registry. The numbered folders here correspond to slots
on your HTC Start Menu. 0 is the top right slot, 1 is the one the right of that, and so forth. Pick a folder that
corresponds to an empty slot.
3. Edit the following keys:
DispName: Games
Path:\windows\start menu\programs\games\

I found this last night in one of the other posts here - hope this helps. It has allowed me to organize quite nicely.
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