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Internet Connection Performance

ok... i have tried CFAY's Latest WM 6.5.1 rom and have been using it for about a month and i have noticed great Internet Connection Sharing performance (1100 Kb/s) with it than the regular stock rom from Sprint.

Of course this ROM i not perfect and some the issues where pretty nagging so that i was force to look for another version.

I found MatBee's Latest Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM which i just flashed into my phone. Everything is cool and all but the Internet Connection Performance is pretty much like the stock ROM from Sprint( I rarely see 600Kb/son this ROM)

The only difference i see is that MatBees rom has the Profile and PRL update apps and CFAY's do not... could Sprint be capping phones with these apps..?
if the answer is no... what are the differences between these two ROM's that is causing this and how can i get this fixed...?