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Re: How many of you switched to the Pre from the Touch Pro?

Count me in as one coming from a TP. I actually liked my TP a lot. Tweaking and flashing became kind of addictive. Had some problems with it though and I got the itch for a new phone, so I turned it in for a Pre.

My brother has one, and I played with it a few months ago. I didnt like it at first. Seemed kind of strange with all the swiping.

Now, I love this thing. The multi tasking ability is really great. If you want to tweak, you can. If not, everything still works! The browser is great. Having a nice capacitive screen is great. There is so much to like about this phone. Yes, the battery life is terrible, but after coming from my TP, I barely notice. Ill definitely hold onto this phone for a while.