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Re: Setting up Diamond on Cricket

thanks for the response, I have no problem flashing, I went from sprint to verizon to alltel and about 1000 roms until I found one I liked (and worked good for me)

the problem is/was that cricket wouldn't let me open an account until I bought one of their phones, and my area is new on their list and not sure if I would be in the premier area for roaming or in the roaming area where I have to pay .25/min

I ended up getting one of their phones today to test, it was only $20 and came with $5 credit, so I can play and see if it will work in this area, all I'm out is $20 if it doesn't

now I just have to drive about 15 miles to do the 228 and hopefully with the new roaming list it will pickup in my area

we will see...

thanks again
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