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Please tell me it's not bricked :(

Last night I was attempting to update my energy rom to his nov 27th file and everything was going fine, until my phone stopped at 1%.... Anyway the recovery screen pops up and this isn't the first time this has happened so stupid me is like o I got this and pulled the battery and pushed the concoction of buttons to get it back to the bootloader screen.

Now it's in the bootloader screen adn says serial in the white area no matter if its plugged into teh computer or not. and above that in the green area it says " Upgrade Rom code error please try again"

Like I said this has happened before no idea why could be because of windows 7 i doubt it but who knows.

What I want to know is if anyone has the instructions that normally pop up for the recovery screen and can post them up so I can try that.

I'm in a bad way here and don't have the 100$ to do a claim.

thanks for any help
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