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Re: [ Kitchen ][ 12-1 ][ v1.1 ][ 6.5.3 \ 6.5 \ 6.1 ] Calkulin's Visual WVGA Kitchen

I got the exact same behavior.

Originally Posted by mswlogo View Post
That is a different problem of what some of us are seeing. We are not off by a some miles. We are getting nothing. I just tried 3.2.1 again and still get nothing (from towers). Something is not setup right.

Also GPS Locking is very slow (Cold) because of the same thing (I think). On EngeryROM, StockROM, MightROM I would always get instant locks. And TowerPosition with GoogleMaps. With this kitchen I get neither. Once GPS is locked it's ok and "warm GPS boot" is ok. But the Tower stuff is not quite right. Weather seems to be getting tower information ok, buts always been a little shakey on all ROMs (bounces between town and state).