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FINALLY got a TP2 (sprint), questions....

Hello all,

I've had a touch pro on sprint for almost a year and FINALLY got them to replace it for a touch pro 2 today. I have to say I really like it so far, is ti just me or does it just SEEM a lot more smooth then the original touch pro 2 (at least VERY smooth and stable for a stock rom)

I was looking at flashing to a new rom (probably start with mighty's) but it seems a little more confusing then my touch pro was

with the TP I simply hooked my phone up to my computer, connected via activesync and ran the unlocker file on my computer, once that finished I'd simply run the flash utility for the rom I wanted and off I went

after skimming through the CDMA upgrade forum it seems to be a lot more complicated to unlock the TP2. I see one post talking about unlocking the SPL, another talking about unlocking the sim and another talking about unlocked radio's (I'm confused as to WHAT I actually need!). I also dont' see any download links like were in the TP 1 forums.

can someone help me out? all I want to do is load mighy rom for now.

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