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Re: [CDMA/7501A] Interested in helping Linux/Android development?

thank goodness someone else is interested in this..the treo pro is the perfect device for quick searching with google's universal search, so i can't wait for it to happen. I think we're ALOT closer than we think. Here's what I've found out from my little bit of working on it. Since our device is the 7501a it's basically very similar to the diamond/raphael. I've been talking on #htc-linux and on xda with phhusson about adding support to the android/raphael kernel project at because it tried the regular build for the raphael and it boots to android using MTYPE 1910 in the startup.txt. The last build that did work was from November 19th as there were changes after that to allow more memory for the diamond and raphael (but it doesn't work with our treos). The problem holding me back was RESOLUTION. - 320 x 320 isn't standard but does work on android (see i780). I've emailed xsasha on xda about how he got it to work for 320 x 320 and he said you have to go our boards file in kernel (/arch/arm/...) and need to set it to a 320x319 as Android can't deal with x being the same as y. It uses the width:height to determine portrait or landscape. So 320x319 will be portrait. phussen is going to try to add an MTYPE into the kernel for our treo with the resolution changes and the memory config to work. I can't work on it too much right now, so you should go to #htc-linux on freenode (phussen is phh) or the diamond/raph thread at xda
In terms of the phone part/network/data I think people are working on that, so hopefully as they make developments on that I can be ported to our treos.
Glad ppl are interested in this too!
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