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Re: What are your top 5 apps?

fun apps;

Metal Detector - uses the proximity sensor to detect metal objects when phone is held close to an object - iPhone can't do it so it is good to pull out in front of the iPhone crowd

Daily Dilbert

Bonsai Blast

Magic 8-ball

Pro Football


Weather Forecast Widgets v2 (paid version) - combines my gmail calendar appts and location aware weather into one widget that is the center of my home screen. touch the days and it launches the calendar in whatever mode you left it (agenda usually). touch the big weather icon it launches the forecast details, refresh and options. Lets you pick your weather icon set from a bunch of options including some HTC ones and some open source ones - even allows you to use the animated HTC one on the forecast details page. For the 0.99 euro ($1.44 USD) I paid for it I am really happy w/it. Uses google weather or Noaa.

Wifi toggle

Pandora - internet radio, you type in an artist and it plays that artist and related artists

Some already mentioned

Dockrunner, Speed Test

Some I am still iffy on;

Listen - googles podcast app
Places - googles category based location aware search
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