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WOW... I love it!!!

The size, the feel, the absence of antenna... The Depth (.3 of an inch makes a huge difference), weighs significantly less - feels much better in the hand.

FAST!!! Out of the box it is fast... quicker boot time, once loaded apps are real fast.

TRUE power down button (BIG PLUS).

The Screen seems to react differently but better.

Long battery life (1500 mAh) – but the batt door is a bit of a pain.

Spring loaded keyboard – AWESOME! No more trusting the keyboard up, it kind of flings itself… saying I’M READY!!! (Yeah I know).

Some minor adjustments on my part though… will work through these in time.

Always trying to power on the 6800 using the top button… power in the right side now.

Always trying to turn the phone to the left to release keyboard… keyboard opens on the right now.

Don’t much care for the additional cable attachment… I liked the one cable fits all direction that PPCs were moving in... But not a show stopper.

BIG downer is the Kitchen… I loved my 6700 cause I could cook it based on my mood… Fun, business, travel, I had options! I feel a little trapped with the 6800 because I have very little OS options. But once the software giants (helmi and his kick’n crew) release a kitchen for the 6800, I will be as happy as a fly on a peach!

I’ve had the 6600, two 6700s and now the 6800 and am VERY PLEASED!!!
~ JClay
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