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That's what I expected. So the outstanding question is whether or not a tool exists that CAN backup and restore just the applications without trashing the newly updated ROM.

When I performed the last Mogul update, it took me nearly a week to get my phone back to where I wanted it. And even with experience, this one is also taking forever.

I have to:

1. Perform the actual update.
2. Restore my contacts and related phone info
3. Reinstall all my applications using their CAB files
4. Figure out which apps were installed using non-CAB methods (via direct download, for example) and reinstall those from their sites/sources
5. Set up all of my today screen stuff (weather, stocks, favorite callers, quicklinks to programs, etc.)
6. Set up all of the various other config changes that I've made (reassigning certain h/w keys, setting up ringtones, countless other miscellaneous settings)
7. Restablish all of my bluetooth pairings
8. Restablish all of my WiFi security pairings
9. Set up my VPN connection and other stuff for my day job
10. Set up all of the other config options for the apps that I installed in steps 3 and 4.

By the time I get most of this done, it will be a week later. And there will still be a few outstanding changes to be made.

There's got to be a better way! Some of the people on this site are updating their ROMs on a daily basis. How do they get this stuff done? Or are they all just using their phones with no customization whatsoever (yikes!)?
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