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Re: [REQUEST] Looking for any and all help/ try porting weather home to VG

Originally Posted by JQuill View Post
Okay so I'm a graphic designer, I know what I'm doing with graphics and can edit those and resize whatever I need to. I'm at work and when I get home I'm going to download the latest package of Sense 2.1 ( <haven't downloaded it yet but that seems to be the one) and open it up, basically going in blind. I was wondering if I can get any advice on what needs to be done with these graphics OTHER than just resizing them, any and all advice and information would be great as I have searched high and low for more in depth info but haven't found any. I've never touched mode 9 or anything to do with manila editing other than images, but I'm wicked smaht so I feel like I can do it.
If you just want to add the weather icons, temp, high, low, and city, just flash indagroove's Sense 2.5 ROM

indagroove's Sense 2.5 TouchPro ROM - CE OS 5.2.23506 (Build 23506.5.5.0) [111909]

I wanted to add weather to the home tab page, as well, but it's all done for you if you have a CDMA TouchPro and flash his new ROM.

Just trying to find a way to add back in a call history tab or call history on the home screen. Great ROM, hope it's what you're looking for.