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Re: Tmail.exe crash

Originally Posted by 1sae View Post
I went ahead and unchecked the save attachments to card, even though I haven't downloaded any attachments yet. I actually think the problem is in the texting, not so much the email. I usually happens when I'm sending or receiving the SMS. I do have the emails downloading the whole mailbox on my exchange and 1 imap accounts, but I keep the mailboxes pretty clean, less than 100 messages in either. Maybe I'll try just downloading the last week or so to see if that helps.

As far as the exchanging the phone, that was for an unrelated issue. I my MMS messages weren't downloading (connection failed), and the sprint store couldn't figure it out. After they swaped it, I found out that if you set your 'internet settings' to auto pick, thats where the problem is. It has to be on Sprint Data #777.

I'm absolutely sure this is a software problem. I'm just wondering if it's just me so I need to figure it out, or if it's everyone, and I gotta wait for a firmware update.
I am having the same problem with tmail crashing during texting. I haven't tried MMS as of yet but I know for sue ir has to do with texting.