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Question Some Questions (Activesync Calendar, IMAP Pusher, Lockscreen on Sleep, etc...)

Hey, I'd like to know if:

[High priority]- It is possible to get IMAP Pusher (either .61/.60 or xImapPusher) to work correctly on Calkulin's 23506 6.5.1 ROM? I really like getting my e-mail notifications easily and quickly on this otherwise frustrating phone.

[High priority]- It is possible Activesync can stop being super stupid by telling me the server updated the information and that I need to sync again. So I sync once after hitting "yes", it deletes my entire F-ing calendar, then I have to forcefully sync it again to get that calendar back.

[Lower Priority]- It is possible to set the lockscreen in Calkulin's 23506 6.5.1 build which has the slide to unlock feature as automatic locking every time the phone is put to sleep (aka power button pushed).

You have no idea how much I despise this device, but being on Sprint SERO limits my phone choices only to these types. How do y'all get such 'stable' Windows Mobile anything while I am always frustrated? I still think if I were dying, my phone would let me die and there's no way I could ever rely on it...
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