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Re: Imagio Memory Use Observations

Originally Posted by briannowicki View Post
This phones memory is phenominal.. coming from a smart hone especially if any of you had the VZW TP1(Raphael) try this post there are plenty of things to help tweak and about memory.. the SSK cab is great it will keep the memory low.. make sure you download that cab for sure its in the 1st post in the link.. Imagio Setup Guide Also make sure you're fully closing the programs because the default is hold "x" to close sometimes you might just hit it once not realising the program is still running.. FYI you can change this by going to Settings/All Settings/Personal/Buttons and change the X key to close program by hitting it once..

HTC should have never put the task manager on the home screen because it makes everybody, including me, crazy. But the imagio actually handles it well if we just don't mess with it. I think because my diamond is running the leo's sense ui and it is still sitting right now at 32% usage running the same exact programs of course custom rom.

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