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Re: Will I get charged?

Originally Posted by aj48198 View Post
Ok here's the story:

Sprint replaced my wife's TP1 with a TP2 after 4 failed TP1 (on the last one, the mic was toast before we even left the repair store!!) Sprint CS sent her out a new TP2 after the last one was dead in the water. Once it arrived, there was no envelope to send the TP1 back, so my question is: Are we the owners of the TP1 lock, stock and barrel? or do we send it back anyway? We are still within our 15 day window but since they didn't send a return envelope do we keep it? I kinda don't want to call and ask because that just may remind them that we do have the TP1 still.

I took my TP1 into the repair center last Saturday because the KB failed on it, they ordered me a replacement which showed up Tuesday. Now, me being jealous of the wife's new TP2, I went on ebay Sunday, and found one for $80 with a new contract. (long story, thread was deleted anyway) So after I bought the phone I was kinda skeptical about actually getting the phone based on all the feedback that I got from the thread I posted. Needless to say that I bought one off of craigslist. Tuesday, the repair center called and said that my phone was ready and Wednesday, I bought a BNIB TP2. So Tuesday I swapped my TP1 with the "replacement" TP1 at the store but it was on my account only until the next night, then I switched to the TP2. TODAY, I get a email from a rep at Sprint saying that my order has been processed and I got a tracking # for the $80 TP2 that I bought off of ebay. SO...(if you have been keeping up..) I have (2) TP1's. One has the mic out and the other is a refub from the repair center. I have 2 TP2's. One I bought off of craigslist, and one that Sprint sent me under a new contract for $80. My question is: I know which one to activate (the TP2 that sprint sent) what I don't know is: Will I get charged for not keeping the one they gave me from the repair center active? Or is that mine to keep?

EDIT: Checked the tracking# and UPS showed they dropped off the phone. I got home and the phone was sitting on the porch waiting on me just a few minutes ago. So I guess the $80 TP2 thing did work!! SWEET!!

So on the first note, Sprint will send you a return kit seprately. You might want to call Sprint to ensure that the return kit was shipped. And yes you will be charged if you do NOT return the phone. The way they work is you get charged for every phone that is out. Once it is returned it takes about 30 days for the credit to appear on your bill.

As for note 2, you might be screwed there. You should have waited for Sprint to fix your phone. You are now stuck with a repaired phone as well as the one from ebay. I would try to resell one of them on craigslist, ebay, or whatever. You should have been patient on that one.

Answer your questions? Hope so...

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