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Re: Sashimi vs. SPB Backup (Rom Flashing)

I successfully used SPB Backup with MightyROM, despite a couple of issues the first time I tried it. I did a full backup, upgraded from current MightyROM to next version of MightyROM and did a restore forcing "ROM Upgrade" mode, and it worked entirely.

I do not know how successful you would be going from stock to custom ROM, or from say MightyROM to EnergyROM, but I can tell you it did GREAT for jumping to latest release.

Sashimi, I've not had good luck with, but that's probably my own ignorance.. there is quite a bit of work involved to figure it out and get it down to a science. However, since you control everything it's far less of a "cross your fingers and see" like restoring from SPB is.

Since SPB is the easier way to go, download the trial. You can run it up to 5 times in trial mode, each time it creates a self executable backup separate from SPB (so you do not have to reinstall SPB to restore the backup) and this can be used when you upgrade the ROM. If it doesn't work in ROM upgrade mode there is a full restore which should return your device to the original ROM. If you have to do THAT, then sashimi may be your best bet.
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