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Re: just a few random questions....

Originally Posted by ulysses View Post
anyone know where can i find the "always close on x" cab? doing a search for that brings toooo many results.. lol

another is, if i set my phone to "always use EVDO", and there's no EVDO available, will it default to 1x, or just not connect at all? (also, is there a downside to this?)

lastly, anyone know the registry key to change the mms size for a 6.5 rom?

thanks all!,
1. Should not need a cab for that. They should be in Settings>System>Task Manager>Button

2. I think that it will just not connect if you say EVDO only. The only way it will switch is if you put it on automatic. Downside may be a few missed emails and data when you do not have connection.

3.Look under options in the SMS/MMS menu. This is assuming you have arcsoft. If not, then I do not know where they are.

Hope this helps.
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