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Has anyone else experience this issue?

I fell asleep a couple of hours ago and when I woke up my phone was acting up. It started turning off and on and wouldn't go past the TouchPro2 screen. After switching from the computer charger to a wall charger and leaving it alone for a while it finally turned back on (it took about 3-5 mins to turn on). To my surprise it had hard reset itself!
To make things worst the top button, and bottom (send, start, back, end) stopped working. And it seems a couple of the hard keyboard buttons aren't working either . By the way the last program installed was Pandora and the TCP registry edit.
I'm going tomorrow to the sprint store to check it out and see what they can do for me (too bad I kept leaving the backup for another day lol).
Has anyone else experienced any similar problems or any other difficulties with their refurb or BNIN TP2?

EDIT: crap ate the d on the title should had been *experienced*

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