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Battery Issues or Broken Phone?

For the last few days I've noticed at the end of the day that my phone is dying, and I haven't used it that much, and I charge it all night. Well, this morning, two hours after being charged all night, it died.

The truth is that I dropped it outside once, and the battery fell out because I didn't have my Seidio case yet. It's been a while since thay happened though, so I'm not sure if that was the issue...the fact is it's just dying now when the battery shouldn't be dead.

Can this happen from being dropped? Could there be something software-wise causing this (like something hogging up power)? Does the warranty cover this? If they find out it's my fault will it not cover it? I really don't have the money now to get a new battery (if that's the problem) or a whole new phone (I do have the insurance).
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