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Re: ROM and Sprite Backup Touch Pro 2

It won't brick the device to restore settings from 6.1 rom to a new 6.5 rom, i tried it. but i don't think its a good idea. Sprite lets you choose what to restore and i played around with it and tried to just do a few things and it restored alot of my old settings (taskbar and background). On their website they say that with the newest version of sprite that you can restore on a new rom, but i just don't think it is going to be very stable.

I will still use sprite, but i am labeling what rom it was on and only backup from same rom. this really limits its functionality if you like to flash alot, but if you want to just choose a rom and stick with it for awhile then it is still good. Fortunately, cooks are starting to use XDA_UC. This lets you just put all your cabs in a folder on your SD card called XDA_UC and then it will auto install all your programs. Juicy's rom has this and others have similar versions (including Mighty).
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