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Re: Poll on Sprint forum for HD2

Originally Posted by the7thson View Post
This is just ludicrous logic imo.. According to you, it's great that sprint doesn't get the HD2 right now so they can get something better in Q2? Then in Q3 or Q4, the other carriers will get something better. Then in early 2011 Sprint will get something better etc etc. Why not just wait till you're 85 years old to buy your next phone?

As for me, I'll keep buying the new phones I want as they come out with whichever carrier as long as it's on a viable plan with decent coverage.
Uh, riiiiight.

You keep buying new phones as soon as they come out, blowing hundreds of bucks on incremental upgrades. Yeah, you keep doing that, Socrates. I believe the industry calls people like you "suckers" and there's one born every minute, or, in your case, I'm guessing 12 years ago?

Anyway, Sprint won't be getting the HD2. It will get something better in Q2 and the rest of you will just have to deal. In the meantime, give the bully your lunch money, change your diapers and stop fantasizing about your sister.

Peace, suckers!
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