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Imagio Memory Use Observations

The more I play my Imagio the more I'm impressed with it's memory managment. I'm currently running 8 different applications (Excel, Word, WunderRadio (listening to WSM), Google Maps with traffic, File Explorer, RSS Hub (lots of feeds), Bing, Opera looking at (heavy graphics).

Memory started (with nothing running) at 59% and after 8 apps, goes to 78%. The responsiveness was unchanged as far as I could tell. The radio station played on and only skipped for an fraction of a second during loading the last couple of apps. Large web pages loaded as quickly as ever. After closing all apps, memory went down to 66%. The 7% "extra" are most likely leftover temporary files that get overwritten if necessary.

In fact, in one other test yesterday (90% memory), I showed 88% memory after closing an app, then loaded another app and the memory DROPPED to 80% after apparently dumping a batch of temp files.

In another test with max loading and a lot of apps running, I loaded another large app (Opera looking at and it automatically closed some of the other apps to accommodate the new app.

The only thing I've done is the memory/performance tweak, by codyppc, obtained somewhere here. Thanks Cody.
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