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Windows Mobile 6.1


I was wondering if there's been any talk or interest in a cleaner version of WiMo 6.1 for the pro. I realize that CFay's uploaded his and all, but I've also noticed there has been no more work done on it.

I also realize that the people bringing us the roms are also busy with other projects and / or real life.

However, if someone was to take interest what would you like to see? a 6.1 rom with the sprint apps, or with them removed? how about a rom that's got all the cricket stuff loaded in it?

I did a quick search already on the forums to make sure I'm not just rehashing old topics, and if I somehow missed something, I apologize. However, I think it would be interesting to see 6.1 being brought up again. All the 6.5 development is nice and all, but some might enjoy the 'old school' look and feel better.

[edit] I've found this, too:
[edit 2] The rapidshare link for the Spring stock rom doesn't work. Anyone have a mirror or another link?

Originally Posted by AmeiseMike View Post
All right, here's the procedure:

1, Reflash to Sprint Stock Windows 6.1:
2, Get CFAY CustomRUU: (Thank you, cfay)
3, Reflash to Stock Boot Loader using CustomRUU: (thank you, cmonex)
CFay's work on the 6.1 is awesome and it's great that he removed a lot of the bloatware in 6.1. However, I've noticed a lot of bugs, and I think I also read in another thread that he is stopping because of real life issues (school, work, etc). So this thread might also help in having people become aware of that, so that we don't have to bug him about it.

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