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Re: Is anyone working on a ROM with the MS BT Stack?

I can't hang up on my Jawbone 2 or Prime, Motorola, nor my in car speakerphone. I can't use the thing with bluetooth sync on my Parrott SK4000 motorcycle unit because it won't sync contacts, pickup, nor hangup. I also have Blueant Bluetooth headphones that can't use the pause or song skip features but with my touch pro all of these devices work PERFECTLY and now I have hundreds of dollars of devices that don't work in the roles that I bought them for. I also can't do Bluetooth internet sharing. The interface is prettier but I could care less, I want functionality.

Originally Posted by gutrrob View Post
There is nothing wrong with the BT stack on the TP2, I for one do not have any problems connecting it to my 4 BT devices, As a matter of fact I think its better than the MS version because one it has better options such as save incoming beams to storage card, 2 more user finger-friendly. I remember with my TP running MS BT stack my moto S9 would shutter with the youtube app and watching movies but thats not a problem with the Widcomm stack.

I haven't heard of any problems, Can someone enlighten me
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