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I find this funny (Observation about phone accessories)

Although my first wave of smart phones came with virtually nothing my 6700 came with a myriad of accessories. Dock with charging for two batteries, really nice case which I still use for my camera, two batteries, memory card, headset, etc. My mogul came with most of these minus the desktop charger, only one battery buit again a nice case which I reused when I had a TP2. The Touch Pro comes with a less desirable velcro case, not much of a step down but a step down in terms of accessories none the less. I also have pleasure of owning a Treo Pro and while the gsm versions are supposed to come with a pair of headphones the sprint version comes within nothing more than the charger. Now get to the TP2 this also came with noting more than a charger. The lack of accessories that come with a $350 phone (sprint) kind of bothered me until tonight. Tonight I just have to laugh at the way things are being cut on the high end. Today I purchased a $15 tracfone as a temporary place to port a number. This $15 phone came with a leather case that has a magnetic snap and a very nice lining. A pair of headphones with mic, a wall mini usb charger and a car mini usb charger. The case fits my girlfriends bb pearl perfectly and who can't use a couple extra chargers. Seriously is anyone else bummed by the lack of traditional accessories and why is it that a $15 phone comes with all of this?
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