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how to album art?

hey guys. i searched around and found a few things but nothing really helped me.
i have mightyrom on now and i wanted to figure out how to get the album art to work but i couldnt.
i downloaded tagscanner. added the album art and saved. when i play the music in WM player on pc it shows the album art fine, but when i put them all on touch pro 2, it like selects randomly one of the album arts and displays it for alll the music! which is werid! and the music player on there detected a alarm file on my storage card and added it to the music tab. so i went in file explorer and deleted the file. but now when im scrolling thru the music. that missing file shows up there with a question mark and it skips right over it. how do i remove it from music tab!?

any help would be appreciated!
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