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Re: Remove outlook from mail tab

Originally Posted by KaliS View Post
this use to bother me as well, till i found the fix for it...which isn't really a fix, its just knowing how the device works (still took me awhile to figure out).

the outlook mail application is designed for the sync or exchange set up in WM. so its not really needed unless you want that feature and wont appear unless you set it up, intentionally or not. here are some steps to deactivate/delete it. its not permanent, as it can be reactivated if needed by simply setting up a sync or with an exchange server on WM.

1) open activesync
2) select/click on menu
3) select options from the menu list (you should be able to view all the sync setups you have now)
4) select the item that is your outlook mail data...not sure what to actually call it. if i have the computers that i sync to using different names and the outlook mail was always something that stood out.
5) delete that selection from the icon heading. there should be a number of check boxes under it along with the items it was going to sync.

you should be good after that. i hope this was clear enough. if someone knows a better way then please post it.

THANKS! Fantastic!
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