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teathering internet disconnecting after 10min

Well, like the title says, the internet connection keeps cutting out. I am running WMWifirouter with the stealth cab, and cm killer installed.

What happens is I use WMWifirouter to connect to my laptop normally, everything boots and connects and off to the races I go. but after about 10min of use either everything will stop without a warning, or i will get a popup on the phone saying cannot conncet to internet blah blah blah, and i dismiss it. Once I dismiss it, I disconnect but dont exit WMWifirouter, and click on the wifi tab again, reconnect, and then im good for about another 10min before the cycle starts yet again. It seems to do it with more frequency when I am dl'ing or streaming something (ie: youtube).

Anyone got any insight?

Also I am running the cleanup tweak cab
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