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Re: Help! Mighty rom 6!!!

Step 1, read the sticky on how to flash, it will show you how to use the .nbh file, you basicaly need the rom update utility that uploads the file to your phones memory.
Step 2, take ur battery out, put it back in, hold down the volume down button and then press n hold the power button. you are now in bootloader mode, plug it into your comp and your phones screen should read "USB" instead of "SERIAL".
Step 3, use the rom update utility to flash your stock rom, let it load all the way until it says "press screen to set up phone." At this point, dont press the screen, take your battery out n put it back. Repeat step 2, this time flashing MightyRom6.
Step 4, use the search feature next time! haha this really is the oldest problem in the book... but I felt bad for you... Happy Halloween Hahaha
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