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Re: Lack of performance tweaks a good thing?

Lol chron, I was just thinking this. Before the flasher came out I remember thinking, well the stock rom isn't really slow at all for me so I don't even know how much of this angry mob calling will even matter when they actually do get the roms.

And now that the roms are out, I feel the same almost. I haven't tried Manila 2.5 as I feel like it's kind of ridiculous to get a brand new phone only to break part of the functionality only days after getting it to be more like the LEO. I may try it out, but besides that I started to realize that everything for the TP was based off of the TP 2, and now that it's here and leo isn't that much different we are actually in possession of a good, solid phone, and now our flashing asses have no idea what to do lol.

I guess it's a good thing, but it feels so anticlimactic lol.
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