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unlocked and changed rom, now picture mail is gone

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I recently unlocked my HTC Diamond with the guide on this site. When it unlocked, I flashed the MightyRom 6.5 onto it.

I had an issue with my internal storage vanishing, but a quick search helped me get that back in working condition.

But now I've noticed my picture mail is gone. Before I did any of this, I could send and receive picture messages though whatever service it is that handles picture mail.

Now the only was I have found is by setting up an email account and sending from there.

I tried installing the arcsoft software found here. It added an option to send via "SMS/MMS" but when I tried sending some test messages, they never worked. So while the option appears to have come back with installing this-- the functionality does not appear to be back.

I would much rather be able to send messages via picture mail instead of email so any help on how I might be able to resolve this issue would be fantastic.

Thanks a lot.
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