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Originally Posted by loulou80 View Post
just upgraded to the mogul a few weeks ago...out the box i must say it sucks but after a few deletes, a few adds/hacks this phone is perfect. no blue tooth problems or any of that stuff some others are going only real beef is the picture quality of the device (prolly from compression) hope to find a reg hack for that.

but anywho....a week ago i could have sworn i heard somebody talkin along with the ringer during a incoming call on the device. paid it no mind, but just know..with a witness in the room along with the default ringer of the mogul was the games "one blood" song playin in the background of the ringer. this is it possible the mogul could be picking up a radio signal? i have no added tones to my phone. has this happen to anyone else?
This happens to me all the time. I think what you here is the other person calling you. I actually heard someone saying "I am calling Phil" while my mogul was ringing. It was the person calling me.
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