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New to Imagio and Smartphones in general, some questions

Okay, so I've been a diehard Blackberry abuser for years. Honestly, on Verizon, Blackberry's have been nothing short of the best phones offered by the carrier. Honestly, I feel like that's all changing with HTC's recent offerings especially including their new Verizon Android phone. RIM is not doing what they need to do to continue leading the market, their new phones feature bland/boring interfaces that seem like fancy versions of the same thing any Blackberry user has been familiar with for years. It's about time for RIM to show some balls and reinvent the wheel.

This is why I've made the switch over to the Imagio. I just feel like it's a more advanced, unique, and powerful device and I'm looking forward to learning how to get the most out of it. Keep in mind, I'm 100% new to Windows Mobile and this kind of smartphone.

1) What are the essential applications I need to pick up on this phone, and what are the best ways to get them? I'm assuming downloading straight from the Opera browser?

2) What's the best way to get ringtones on the Imagio?

3) What are the essential tweaks to make to a brand new Imagio, keep in mind I'm completely new to this so please be as specific as possible.

4) I've attached the Imagio to two of my most used Email accounts, with my Blackberry, they updated in real time as mail was sent to my accounts. With my Imagio, I feel like I have to hit menu then "send/receive" button to update the mailboxes. Is there a way to change this to do it automatically? I haven't found it.

5) How can I optimize battery life? Aside from the obvious things like disabling unused connections.

6) That mobil TV icon is killing me, I want it cut out of my phone lol. I have no plans to ever use the feature anyway.

Well, that's all I could think of for right now. Thanks a lot to anyone who takes the time to help a newbie out. Nice to meet you all.

Also, I love this phone. It's a bit of culture shock coming from a long time Blackberry user, but I think it's the device that will ultimately peel me away from RIM unless they get their act together and actually come out with something interesting. The Storm was a joke, the Storm 2 is a year too late, the Tour is a solid phone but totally bland/boring. Their future phones are Tour with wifi and a trackpad (big deal). Not excited.

I'll take HTC's Imagio in the short term, and perhaps an Android device in a while.
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