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Re: is the htc touch pro 2 lcd repairable????

Originally Posted by WhiteBlazer01 View Post
Out of curiosity, what is the difference in screens that makes my CDMA (that can also use a sim card) screen incompatible a GSM TP2?
without having opened both and seeing the part, based on some past lcd I have replaced, there may likely be a difference in the ribbon connector or whatever type connector that plugs the screen into the main chassis of the phone itself. It may be subtle but as said earlier you definitely want to make 100 percent sure you get the right screen, If you are replacing yourself which is probably easy for anyone who has ever taken a phone like this apart(youtube has videos very often) , then you can look at the part and ee all the connections and where they are positioned geographically. The last thing you want is to buy the wrong part and find the plug is different or in the wrong place. I would avise taking the piece out if possible for you and getting a good look and compare to picture of replacement part if you cannot verify the model number 100 percent. I find with many cel phone parts, never buy unless you can see an EXACT picture of the part you will be receiving. Hope this helps a little bit. If not, sorry.
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