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I have had two 6800s now. The first one, I was really beginning to dislike. I was having to hit the reset button all of the time as it was always locking up. Most of the applications did not work as they should. I had a GPS program that I installed, it was unusable. My first impression was "What a piece of crap!" About two weeks into my experience, a serendipitous twist of fate occurred. I dropped my phone! The phone landed on the power button and broke it. Fortunately, it was broke beyond repair, and I had the insurance. I was provided with a new one at the Sprint store, and THIS IS THE BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER HAD. There must have been something wrong with the first copy I had. This phone has NONE of the issues with locking up. It runs all of the programs I ask it to run. I cannot answer your question about an update, but I can tell you that I use a lot of programs on this thing, and have no issues now.
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