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The day my Wi-Fi DIED!

I just went through the most frustrating experience yet with this phone. I'm with Telus and I've had a number of issues ranging from signal strength (in Toronto - shouldn't be an issue), BT standard issues, dropped calls, a unit that would spontaneously reboot and go into vicious cycles....

So instead of trying to fix the problems Telus sent me a new unit. I have gone through 2 since my initial purchase in March.

This newest problem is the WI-FI doesn't register networks and it doesn't connect to them (it just tells me it's trying to connect). The Wi-Fi symbol appears and it's actively's just not connecting. Telus tech support figured it was a hardware they ordered me a 3rd unit within 6 months! Oddly enough when I brought it into the store, it actually picked up their network - and it worked again for about 3 hrs after I brought it home. It stopped working the following day.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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