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Originally Posted by Idntknw View Post
First of all I say I am blown away with the info on this site....

Anyway...I am a complete newb to the Mogul...just received it today....

I bought it off

In a nutshell...what is suppose to be wrong with the phone?

I read somewhere about an not to to uninstall the update?...made things there an update that I need?

Anyway...please forgive my ignorance about the issues with the phone....

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Don't worry about installing any new updates right now. They posted one that caused more problems than it fixed but it is not even on the website for download right now.

In a nutshell, the phone has issues with Bluetooth. Not so much on your end but when you make phone calls using Bluetooth, the people you are talking to on the other line complain about you breaking up all the time and it's a real pain. I also think the available program memory is a major issue as you only have around 22-24MB free when the start the phone up and if you have a bunch of programs running it requires you to close them often.
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