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Re: Sprint replacing Touch Pro with Touch Pro 2!

Went to a 3rd party store in Conyers GA yesterday to get my 4th TP replaced with several legitmate issues went to the first one and was told their systems was down I would have to go to the other store. Went to the other store waited in line for about 20 mins for the guy to look at the phone for half a min just to tell me that he cant do replacements and I would have to call *2 and ask about the WEL program. Called Sprint Customer service and after talking to the agent first she told me they had a WEL program but she could not order a replacement over the phone so when I told her what the guy at the store told me she called him. The funny thing is she asked me to go back to the store and all of a sudden says that Sprint doesnt have a thing called a WEL program lol issues. Anyway I go back to the store and the guy tells me all he can do it order me a Blackberry Tour because the TP1 and TP2 are out of stock im like ok. So then as Im about to walk out the store he says that my phone should be here by Friday im like wait didnt you just say the my phone was out of stock he says the TP2 is on backorder for at least 6 months then he says he might have a TP on Friday im like ok whatver.

Not sure if that means I will be getting a TP or a Tour who knows this run around is crazy ah well.
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