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Re: Looking for stable Touch Diamond ROM and good battery utilization

Originally Posted by dibbson View Post
Yeah, it would be cool to find out about battery life and things of that nature that way, but it would be hard to test everything all the time with all the different carriers and phones and roms. It's a cool idea, but i think a little hard to put into action. Especially when all Rom's are soo different with all the different things the chef's do to them, from different reg edits, tweaks, and software. I just say try them all!!! And then decide which works best for you, mine might work good for one person but not so good for the next and so on. Unfortunately, I have yet to find that "Perfect never gonna use anything else" Rom, lol, Flashing is part of what makes this fun, so try them all and if you get bored, download a kitchen and try your own hand at it.

You ever tried mine >_>
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