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Question Attached pictures sent from iPhone will not display on WM

When I receive pictures attached to an email, most of the time they will display just fine in outlook. Sometimes they appear as files that say "click here to download" and sometimes they display inline with the email. It depends on how they were attached, I guess..

The ONLY pictures I cannot view at all on my phone are the ones that are sent via my mother's iPhone. She uses yahoo and takes pictures on her iPhone and mails them to me. These pictures "try" to display inline with the email but all I get is a white rectangle with a little image icon in the top left corner. There is no way to download the picture and view it.

Here's the kicker -- it's not just in outlook... I can view my email in the Opera Mobile browser just fine as well through the web interface. And I can view the picture attachments... EXCEPT the ones sent from an iPhone. It does the same exact thing with the white rectangle and little icon in the corner. Everything works just fine on a PC, btw...

Does ANYBODY know what could be going on here???
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