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Verizon - Radios/ROMs - Issues/Fixes/Troubleshooting

I started this thread as there seems to be a lack of information regarding VZW specific problems/issues.

For the past week I have been working the bugs out of my Alltel Diamond powered by VZW. So far I have had limited success but I was able to successfully receive/make calls and get data working.

However I have not been able to get any connectivity to the verizon network when using any of the current radios that are available here.

What I currently have working::

Phone-------Alltel HTC Diamond - DIA500
Rom---------MightyRom WM6.5

The above configuration is a working solution, however the signal quality is to-be-desired...

If I use any other radio listed here; I get no signal on my phone, and I have tried every radio that is currently listed.

Anyone know why this would be the case? Or have any simlar issues?

Meanwhile I would love to get my hands on a Verizon Diamond so I could inspect the customizations to ensure that I'm not missing something here...

Anyone else having similar issues? Thoughts/suggestions/comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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