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MetroPcs Touch Pro/6850 no wap

Wuts up ppl.
Let me tell yall about my touch pro (its thinking). I've hard reseted the phone, did all the wap configs, did the prl for metro including 0023 and 02001, changing the password in epst from metropcs to mymetropcs to the last four digits of my phone number. Tried the htc_guardian thing, cuz it kept reseting my username and password but synchronizing it to my pc will not allow me to copy the htc guardian think to the "windows" folder telling me asses is denied. Will flashing a rom help or will it erase what metro has done, because its flashed to metropcs i can talk and text just fine but no wap and mms. I know if I can get the internet to work then I shouldn't have any problem with mms. I've googling like crazy for weeks and have tried everything i've come across with no success. Please help. oh it came from sprint network. I am willing to donate for info dat gets the wap rolling.
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